Unique Personnel (UK) Limited was incorporated in May 2001 as a company limited by share capital. We  operate in the Care sector, recruiting, training and placing personnel to provide specialist professional support to meet a range of individual customer needs.  Our staff offer personalised services to:

  • older people, people with learning disabilities

  • people with mental health issues, people with sensory loss, including dual sensory impairment

  • children and families,

  • Additionally, we provide:

  • supervised contacts in the community or at home

These services are delivered at:

  • private homes (domiciliary care), day care centres

  • residential care homes, hospitals                                                                                                      

We work closely with many local authorities to deliver our services to these wide range of clients.

To ensure our services are delivered professionally we employ and train personnel to give them the necessary skills to work in the industry, and on-going continuing professional development to ensure their skills are maintained and enhanced. 


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